Anime Gathering (AG) was first started in year 2007 organized by Swinburne Anime & Manga Society (SAMS) With the same mission in mind, SAMS have hosted the Anime Gathering year after year for 3 consecutive years (2007, 2008, and 2009) with dinners, games, activities and performances relevant to Anime and such.

Anime lovers, figure collectors, gunpla assemblers and Cosplayers from around Kuching gathered and gain new friends, new knowledge on the anime community, and a new experience of Anime excitement!

Now, as SAMS ex-committee and graduates, we have decided to name ourselves the AG TEAM and bring Anime Gathering to a whole new level! We present to you an evolved Anime Gathering, a 2-day ACG convention namely, Otakyun! !

Objectives and Mission

We are a group of people with a passionate interest in the sub-Pop culture of Japan, Anime and Manga. Our goals and mission is to be able to bring in the full experience of this sub-culture to Kuching as well as to gather fellow fans from all over Kuching and even the whole of Malaysia to socialize and to share our passion and interests.

  • Creating awareness, inform, interact and inspire the public about the growing Anime and Manga culture and industry
  • Delivering first-hand experience of this sub-culture to the public of Kuching
  • Providing opportunities to fans to socialize, share and interact with each other
  • Also allowing fans to showcase their talents and amateur work
  • Delivering the latest educational insights into art, animation, multimedia entertainment, digital content, and technology in the Anime and Manga industry