Otakyun! 2023 Cosplay Skit Competition

Entry Rules

  1. Each team must consist of only minimum 2 to maximum 3 participants.
  2. All characters must be from the same series and arc.
  3. Participants must be aged 15 and above to participate.
  4. Those under the age of 18 are required to obtain the guardian’s (your parents) consent before they can register.
  5. All participants must be a permanent citizen of Malaysia.
  6. Registration deadline is 2nd September 2023 11:59pm
  7. All participant’s Cosplay must be from official released Anime/Animation, Comic/Manga, Games, Novel Official Released Vtuber, Vocaloid series.
  8. Original character or fanart/doujin Cosplay including gijinka, genderbend or reinterpretations are NOT allowed.
  9. RM20.00 register fee will be required for each team per entry.
  10. No repeating entry, each participant is only allowed to have 1 entry in each competition.
  11. Any participants/team members who fail to show up during the Competition time will be immediately disqualified on the spot and the decision is final
  12. Participants are strictly required to be on time. Any late comer may face point deduction or immediate disqualification depending on the judge’s decision.
  13. Otakyun! 2023 reserves the right to change the rules & regulations without prior notice.

Stage Rules

  1. Participants are required to report themselves at the stage area 1 hour before the competition starts.
  2. Pre-inspection of props and costume will be conducted at the backstage 45 minutes before the competition starts.
  3. No revealing costume is allowed.
  4. No nudity is allowed. Please use a bodysuit if required.
  5. No inappropriate costume allowed.
  6. No military cosplay allowed.
  7. No projectile props are allowed to be “use” on stage
  8. No real weapons, sharp weapon, or any props that might cause harm to human or environment is allowed on stage
  9. Confetti, water, fire, powder, harmful substances or anything that might cause messiness is not allowed on stage.
  10. Nudity, vulgar language or content that might cause the audience feeling uncomfortable is strictly prohibited.
  11. Pre-setup time of 2 minutes is given on stage.
  12. No maximum helper limit during pre-setup.
  13. All skit performance must be between the duration of minimum 1 minute to maximum 5 minutes.
  14. Failing to abide in given time limit will be results in mark deduction.
  15. Maximum of 2 helpers are allowed to be on stage during the performance.
  16. Helpers are only allowed to do 10% direct interaction with the participants throughout the performance.
  17. Participants are only allowed to perform on the stage.
  18. All performance are strictly to be on the stage.
  19. Any off stage performance/interaction will results in automatic disqualification and the organiser has absolute right to stop the performance.
  20. All contestants are given a maximum of 2 minutes to clear the stage after their performance.
  21. Any “effect” items used on stage must leave no harm and no trace to either the stage or audiences.
  22. Any damages done to the stage will result in either mark deduction or disqualification and the participants will have to bear the cost of the damages.
  23. Participants must understand the risk of any performance that is performing on stage, the organising team will not be responsible for any harm/injuries which happens on stage.

Stage Limitation

  1. No microphone provided
  2. No power/socket provided
  3. No helper from the organising team provided
  4. LED monitor is provided

Download Consent Letter

Please click the link below to download consent letter.

Judging Criteria

Criteria Mark Criteria Description
Character Portray Accuracy 20% How well are you portraying the character? The expression, the emotion, the vibe.
Costume and Props Accuracy 20% How on point is the costume and the props? Is the colour accurate? Is the scale correct?
Storytelling 30% How well is the story being present, from start to finish.
Performance 30% How smooth is the performance? The effect and the impact.
  • Otakyun! 2023 reserves the right to change the rules & regulations without prior notice.
  • Otakyun! 2023 reserves the right to use participants’ images and recording of performance for promotional purposes without any prior notice.
  • By entering the competition, registered participants agreed to not indemnify the organiser of Otakyun! 2023, its organiser, GEKI Event Management and its committee of any damages or liabilities from participating in this competition.


ChampionTrophy + Cash prize RM800
First Runner UpTrophy + Cash prize RM400
Second Runner UpTrophy + Cash prize RM300