Otakyun! 2023 Idol Competition

Pre Selection Round

  1. Participants must submit a video (practice video/on stage performance) of themselves singing to any ACG (Anime, Comics, Games), Official Released Vtuber, Vocaloid, ACG Live Action Theme Song or Japanese Idol song for the pre-selection round.
  2. The submitted video can include non-participants, but the participants themselves must be in the video.
  3. A registration fee RM10 will be charged.
  4. All pre-selection entries must be submitted before 2nd September 2023.
  5. All entries will be reviewed and selected by Otakyun! 2023 internal committee.
  6. Only selected entries are eligible to join the final round of the Idol Competition.
  7. Selected participants will be informed via email.

Final Round

  1. Selected entries must submit their performance song before 9th September 2023 through email/drive attachment only.
  2. 1 song is allowed per entry.
  3. Maximum number of participants in a group is 3 participants.
  4. The song submitted must be related to any ACG (Anime, Comics, Games), Official Released Vtuber, Vocaloid, ACG Live Action Theme Song or Japanese Idol song.
  5. All karaoke song submissions must be in .MP3 format. A karaoke version (minus 1) of the song can only be entered. This submitted soundtrack will be played during the performance.
  6. All cost and expenses in connection with the production and costume of the entry and the participants of the competitions shall be fully borne (responsible) by participants.
  7. Entries must not contain or reference any names, products or services of any company or entity or any third-party trademarks, logos, trade dress or promotion of any brand, product or services (other than the organiser’s).
  8. Entries that are lewd, obscene, sexually explicit, pornographic, disparaging, defamatory, libellous, illegal, political, offensive, or otherwise contain inappropriate content or objectionable material should not be submitted and the organiser reserves the right to remove or demand the participants to remove such entry at any time in the organiser’s sole discretion.

Stage Rules

  1. Participants will be given maximum 1 minute for self introduction and audience interaction before the performance starts.
  2. Singing is the minimum requirement.
  3. Additional dance moves are encouraged.
  4. Participants are required to prepare a performance within 3 to 5 minutes.
  5. Multiple movements while performing is allowed on stage, HOWEVER walking down the stage and interacting with judges is not allowed.
  6. Participants are encouraged to interact with the audience on stage only.
  7. Participants will be randomly assigned the sequence of performance. Exchanging, negotiating or changing the sequence of performances will not be entertained or allowed.
  8. The performance on the event day must be according to performance submitted in the registration entry form.
  9. Changing of songs last minute/during the event will NOT be entertained.
  10. Participants must register themselves at the stage 1 hour before competition starts.
  11. Participants who fail to register themselves before the competition will be DISQUALIFIED on the spot with immediate effect and the decision is final.

Eligible Entry

  1. Participants must be age 15 and above to participate. Participants under age 18 and below are required to obtain guardian’s/parent’s consent before registration.
  2. Consent letter must be signed by guardian/parent for participants under age 18, and to be submitted during registration at the stage before competition starts.
  3. Participants who are Malaysian must provide an Identity card number (IC number) upon registration.
  4. Participants who are not Malaysian must provide a passport number upon registration.

Download Consent Letter

Please click the link below to download consent letter.

Judging Criteria

Criteria Mark Criteria Description
Vocal 40%
  • Vocal Technique – Tone Quality, Breath Support, Intonation, Diction and Articulation
  • Rhythm & Tempo – Voice in relation to music
Performance and Expression 30%
  • Performance – How well the performer is able to express the meaning and mood of the song
  • Staging, Spacing Formations, Execution Showmanship, Projection Stabilization and Variety of Hip Hop Routines, Entertainment Value and Crowd Appeal
  • Presentation of the dance, smoothness, impact given to the audience and the judges
Showmanship 30%
  • Show Design – Music Selection / Instrument Used, Effective use of Performance Area, Outfit and style
  • Entertainment Value – The audience’s and judges’ reaction to the overall performance
  • The judging panel reserves the right to reject any submission without notice or explanation to the participant.
  • All decisions made are final and no correspondences shall be entertained.
  • Otakyun! 2023 reserves the right to change the rules & regulations without prior notice.
  • Otakyun! 2023 reserves the right to use participants’ images and recording of performance for promotional purposes without any prior notice.
  • By entering the competition, registered participants agreed to not indemnify the organiser of Otakyun! 2023, its organiser, GEKI Events Management and its committee of any damages or liabilities from participating in this competition.


Champion Trophy + Cash prize RM300
First Runner Up Trophy + Cash prize RM200
Second Runner Up Trophy + Cash prize RM100