Otakyun! 2023 Prop Making Competition

Entry Rules

  1. Pre-submission of participant details is required.
  2. Participation fee will be RM10 for each entry
  3. Otakyun! 2023 entry ticket is not included
  4. Participant will be provided a template.
  5. Participant will be required to make a prop based on the template.
  6. Participant will be required to make a simple physical Work In Progress Document with Pictures and words to explain how they make the prop.
  7. Document has to be in A4 paper size.
  8. Material will not be provided.
  9. Material can be of any materials except sharp metal.
  10. Finished item will be required to be submitted on Otakyun! 2023 Day 1 before 12pm.
  11. Finished item will be displayed throughout the event until the prize giving ceremony on Otakyun! 2023 Day 2 (time refer to event schedule).
  12. Participant is required to shows up during the judging section (time refer to event schedule) with their document to presents to the judges.
  13. Only 1 finished item will be accepted per entry.
  14. Pre-submission deadline is 2nd September 2023 11:59pm.

Download Template

Please click the link below to download template.
Prop Making Competition Otakyun 2023 Template

Competition Guideline

  1. The purpose of this competition is to see how the participant can craft an actual prop creatively based on the provided template.
  2. The material used for making the prop can be of any materials, e.g. wood, eva foam, 3D print, etc.
  3. Any additional details are welcome, e.g. carving, jewel, accessories, etc.
  4. The scale has to be 1:1 to the template. A 1cm reference cube is attached in the template.
  5. The overall visual of the finished item has to look similar or as close to the provided template.
  6. The given template will have to be printed in full A4 size.
  7. The participant will have to cut along the dashed line and attach both pages together to get full actual scale of the template.

Submission Rules

  1. All submission has to be on time.
  2. Any late submission may results in penalty or disqualification.
  3. All document has to contain at least pictures and simple explanation.
  4. Document language has to be in English (simple English is fine).
  5. During judging, judges may or may not ask additional questions

Prop Submission Requirement

  1. At least 1 Jewel must be on this prop
  2. Gold colour must be on this prop

Judging Criteria

Criteria Mark Criteria Description
Finishing 20% How clean is the item and how well is everything being put together
Creativity 40% How are the additional details being put together creatively
Colour Choices 20% How well is the colour playing in the overall look
Material choice 20% Whether the material is suitable for this build
  • Otakyun! 2023 reserves the right to change the rules & regulations without prior notice.
  • Otakyun! 2023 reserves the right to use participants’ images and recording of performance for promotional purposes without any prior notice.
  • By entering the competition, registered participants agreed to not indemnify the organiser of Otakyun! 2023, its organiser, GEKI Event Management and its committee of any damages or liabilities from participating in this competition.


Grand Prize : Trophy + Portable Airbrush + RM150 worth of EVA foam