OtaZo 2024 Mascot Art Competition

Three winners will be selected for the OtaZo 2024 Mascot Art Competition. They are:
  • First Place
  • First Runner Up
  • Second Runner Up
Competition Terms & Conditions
  1. This is a digital art contest.
  2. All submitted artworks must be in digital paintings created with drawing/illustration software.
  3. There is no limitation in regards to the software used to create the artworks.
  4. Criteria: All entries MUST contain the followings:
    • OtaZo mascot Emiko-chan in full body. Any art style is welcome.
    • Her signature outfit and accessories.
    • Adding a simple background with our Sarawak element is a plus but not necessary.
  5. This competition is open to all artists residing within Malaysia.
  6. The Participant MUST have full copyright of their submitted artwork.
  7. AI generated artwork in any capacity is STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED, and will be disqualified.
  8. Works containing pornography, sensitive subject, or promoting violence will be rejected.
  9. There is no limit to the number of artwork a Participant can submit.
  10. Submission is free of charge.
  11. File size must not exceed 10MBs.
  12. Only PNG or JPEG image file formats will be accepted.
  13. Minimum quality accepted is 300 dpi and 2,000 pixels wide.
  14. Submissions with very low quality will be disqualified.
  15. It is recommended to have a recording/time lapse of your work as The Organiser reserves the right to request for it upon any suspicion arises from your artwork submission.
Submission Deadline
  • Artwork submissions is open from 22nd March 2024 to 20th April 2024.
  • Submitted artworks will be evaluated and published on Otakyun!’s Facebook album on 21st April 2024.
How to Submit
Artworks must be submitted through this form.
General Rules
  1. The Competition is organised and sponsored by Geki Events Management (GEM), called herein the Organiser.
  2. By taking part in the Competition, the Participant agrees to the official rules and regulations set by the Organiser.
  3. Submission of artwork by the Participant through this form indicates the Participant accepts and agrees to the terms and conditions as well as the rules and regulation as stipulated by the Organiser.
  4. By entering the competition, the Participant represents, acknowledges, and warrants that the submitted artwork is an original work created solely by the Participant, that the creation does not infringe on any copyrights, trademarks, moral rights, rights of privacy/publicity or intellectual property rights of any person or entity, and that no other party has any right, title, claim, or interest in the image
  5. All copyrights during and after the competition belong to the Participant and provide consent to the Organiser to publish it. The Organiser may showcase or use the artworks submitted in the Competition on its website and social media and to use them for marketing purposes.
  6. Artworks must not be watermarked, either by any external source, any company logos, trademarks or otherwise display copyrighted content which does not belong to the Participant. Personal logos and signatures are allowed.
  7. The winning Artwork will/might be used by the Organiser as OtaZo mascot representation in any media as its marketing collateral.
Awards and Winners
  1. Winners will be selected by the representatives of GEM, and will receive the following prizes:
    • First Place: HUION Inspiroy H610X + Certificate
    • First Runner Up: HUION Inspiroy H580X + Certificate
    • Second Runner Up: HUION Inspiroy H430P + Certificate
  2. The determination criteria will be judged based on: Quality, Creativity and Mascot accuracy.
  3. Winners will be announced on 28th April 2024 during OtaZo 2024 as well as on the Organiser’s social media. The Winners will be informed via email/contact number as per submitted in the submission form.
  4. If the awarded Artworks are deemed to be invalid by any reason, alternate winners will be selected. Decision is final.
Additional Information
The Organiser reserves the right to amend, change or modify the Terms and Conditions and Rules and Regulations without informing the Participants beforehand.
For any questions or comments, please contact us at contact@otakyun.my.
Disclaimer: GEM reserves the right to CHOOSE whether to use the art submitted for this competition.
Thank you. We look forward to your submissions. Good luck!
Information collected via this form is solely for OtaZo 2024 Mascot Art Competition only.